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1924 -Leni (Vladimir Ilyich) the leader of the Russian Communists dies -Petrograd was renamed after him Leningrad. Stalin takes power soon after Lenin's death, and holds it until his death in 1953. The period is called Stalinism with persinalised dictatorship and the Gulags (labour camps).

1925 -France statrs to built the famous Maginot-lineto fortify her borderwith Germany. In Persia, Reza Pahlevi achieves dictatoral power. In China, Chang Kai-shek becomes the Commander-in-chief and begins to built a central power.

1926 - Lebanon is declared a republic.In the Soviet Union Stalin eliminates his enemies (Trotsky and Zinoviev) and becomes a dictator.In Italy, Mussolini gains the total power.

1927 - Saudi-Arabia becomes independent from Great Britain. A non-stop trans-atlantic flight by Charles Lindbergh.

1929 -Alexander Fleming tries Penicilin. Yugoslavia was born from Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia. The great stock-market crash in New york -the beginning of the Great Depression.

1930 -the Nazi Party wins about 7 million votes in the German Reichstag. (Adolf

Hitler is still of Austrian citizenship).

1931 -Mickey Mouse was born.

1932 - In India, Mahatma Gandhi starts his campaign against the British rule.

1933 - Hitler becomes the Chancellor of Germany. The Nazis accuse the Communists of burning the Reichstag down. The Nazis open the first concentration campaign in Dachau. Germany withdraws from the League of Nations.

1934 - Hitler purges his own party -The Night of the Long Knifes later that year he becomes the Preasident - i.e. the Fuehrer. In China, Mao Tse Tung leads his Communist Army -it was the Long March: 9,600 km in one year.

1935 -Hitler created the Purity law against the Jews, and creates the Luftwaffe .(i.e. prepares for war).

1936 -Stalin's great purge is in its heights. It costs about ten million lives. Hitler reoccupies the Rhineland. Italy occupies Abyssinia. The Spanish civil war begins. -soon Francisco Franco becomes dictator of Spain.

1937 - The buchenwald concentration camp opens in Germany.

1938- Hitler annexes Austria - called Anschluss. The Khristalnacht - a pogrom against the Jews in Germany, 30 thousand Jews are carried to concentration camps.

1939 -Hitler attacks Poland on 1 September -the WWII starts (and lasts until Sep 1945).

That's 20 years . I'll go on if you ask me to do so.

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Q: What significant events happened in the last 90 years since 1924?
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