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Many scholars consider totalitarianism as specific type of autocratic regime which features 1) a charismatic leader, 2) public conception of power, 3) official state ideology, 4) and perception of legitimacy required on behalf of the governed.

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Q: What some are characteristics of totalitarianism?
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What are some examples of totalitarianism?

Joseph Stalin-Soviet Union

How do you spell totalrianism?

It's totalitarianism.

What are the characteristics of nazism?

Characteristics of Nazism include totalitarianism, anti-communism, patriotism, statism, and collectivism. Nazism is based on ethnic, racial, cultural, and religious attributes.

When was The Origins of Totalitarianism created?

The Origins of Totalitarianism was created in 1951.

Use the word totalitarianism in a sentence?

Totalitarianism is a word! and your welcome

Where in Europe did totalitarianism begin?

Totalitarianism began in Italy in the 1920s.

How many pages does The Origins of Totalitarianism have?

The Origins of Totalitarianism has 704 pages.

In which regime do loyalty and zealotry form the core of good citizenship?

The regime that loyalty and zealotry form the core of good citizenship is Totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is a concept used by some political scientists.

What is the significance of totalitarianism?


The US and the Soviet Union felt they were in an ideological war between freedom and democracy and communism and?

Totalitarianism(A+ Anywhere)

What was one of the most significant characteristics of totalitarianism in the Soviet Union?

Answer this question… Religious beliefs were forbidden, and religious organizations were shut down.

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