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Hail to the chief

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the president theme song

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hail columbia

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Q: What song do people play when the Vice President enters a public place?
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What is the role of the president as chief citizen?

The president is the recognized head of US government. He represents the country at summit meetings and state funerals of foreign rulers. He appoints the Secretary of State who serves at his pleasure. He can negotiate treaties and sets foreign policy including dispensing or withholding foreign aid and initiating economic sanctions and military intervention.

What does the chief citizen do?

Chief citizen is one of six roles the President of the United States takes on immediately after assuming office. These roles are (1) chief of state, (2) chief executive, (3) chief administrator, (4) chief diplomat, (5) commander in chief, (6) chief legislator, (7) party chief, and (8) chief citizen.In the role of chief citizen, the president works for the people, not just for the government or people that elected them. The role requires that the president maintains a certain trust with the people, since it is his/her duty to work for the public interest. In addition, the president must place the nation's best interests above the interests of any one group or citizen. Some examples are educating citizens on important issues, leading by example, and concentrating on issues that affect American citizens.

When did public execution end in Canada?

It is not clear, although the last commonly known public execution took place on 1869 December 7, the execution of Nicholas Melady. Although public execution was legally supposed to end in the 1870's, some continued on beyond that point, usually taking place in prisons where the executions could be visible to people outside of the prison or people who had been invited to see the execution. The last people executed by the Justice System in Canada were executed on 1962 December 11. Capital Punishment was officially banned on 1976 July 14.

Which president hired someone to serve in his place in the draft?

President Grover Cleveland had been a draft dodger and he hired someone to serve in his place - it was legal to do so back then.

Who has the Vice President of the US for its head?

The Senate has the Vice-President of the U.S. for its head. He is not usually in attendance, so the President Pro-Tempore presides in his place.

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