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The state of Missouri had two governments and actively supported both sides during the Civil War. This caused conflict and battles within the state among it's residents.

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Q: What state actually had two governments supporting both sides during the Civil War?
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Did Missouri have 2 state governments during the civil war?


What states wavered about supporting the north or the south during the civil war?

Delaware and. Or th carolina

Was the only border state to join the Confederacy.?

No, Missouri and Kentucky were both border states that had divided loyalties during the American Civil War. While Kentucky remained officially neutral, Missouri had competing governments and factions supporting both the Union and the Confederacy.

What are the protections granted by governments?

Civil rights

What side were the majority of the democrats on during the American Civil War?

The majority of the democrats were on the side of the confederates during the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was actually a republican. Believe it or not!!!

Which pre civil war ideology was most similar to the beliefs supporting American imperialism during the late 1800?

Manifest Destiny

Who were the johnnies in the civil waR?

Johnnies during the Civil War referred to soldiers in the Confederacy. The Union soldiers actually referred to them as Johnny Reb's.

What impact did Union victory during the Civil War have on the relationship between the states and national government?

The authority of the federal government over the state governments was settled.

What did JFK contribute to?

John F. Kennedy (JFK) was an American president during the Civil Rights Movement. He was supporting the black people and passing laws to free them and then he was assassinated.

What situations did civilians go through during the civil war?

Civilians during wars often went hungry and actually quite miserable

Did the civil war of the state government gained authority?

States maintained their own governments during the US Civil War, it's just that their respective federal/confederate governments held alittle bit more power over them than usual...being in a state of war an all (an undeclared war...but a war none the less).

What were some similarities that the south and north had during the civil war?

The South and North both elected their own governments. The North had Lincoln, while the South had elected Davis.