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Vermont. In french, vert=green, mont=mount, montagne=mountain.

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Q: What state comes from two French words that mean green and mountain what is your one word name?
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Which state's nickname contains the word green?

Vermont-the green mountain state

What is the state of Vermont named after?

It comes from french for Green and Mountain, hence the Green Mountain state. Samuel de Champlain sailed down the lake that now has his name and looked across the land and dubbed it such. It is not named after anyone.

What state's name comes from the French words for green and mountain?

Vermont; vert meaning "green" and mont meaning "mount".

What state means green and mountain?

Vermont means " Green Mountain" in French by Travis

What is vermont's capital and nickname?

Both the state name "Vermont" and its nickname "The Green Mountain State" reflect its mountainous terrain and heavy forestation. "Vermont" is derived from the French words "vert" (green) and "mont" (moutain peak), so both the name and nickname are essentially the same!

What is the origin of the name of Vermont?

The name Vermont originates from two French words, vertand montagne. The first word means green and the second mountain. They were combined to form Vermont, hence the state's nickname: Green Mountains. (You may wish to check the spelling of the first word!)

Present day state with a french name which means green mountain?

Vermont - from the French 'vert' (green) and 'mont' (mount).

What state name means mountanious?

The state name that means mountainous is "Vermont." The name Vermont comes from the French words for "green mountain," reflecting the state's mountainous terrain and lush forests.

What American state is called the green mountain state?

For those who are cheating on "Are You smarter Than a 5th Grader" it is Vermont

Why is Vermont called the Green hill state?

In french that means green mountains ver-mount green-mountain.

Which present day state has a French name that means 'green mountain'?


What state has a name that is French?

Vermont comes from vert and mont, meaning green mount in French.