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James Madison was representing the state of Virginia.

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Q: What state did Madison represent in the constitution convention?
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What was James Madison role in the constitution convention?

Promoted Freedom of Religion and he had been elected to the Constitutional Convention , where he was named to a committee to frame the state constitution.

Which state was not represent at the convention?

what state was not represented when the constitution was signed ?Rhode Island did not want a strong central government at the time, so they refused to send delegates to the Constitutional Convention.

Was the constitution written in a Freemason's hall?

James Madison was a Freemason and spent time in the Masonic Lodge working on the Constitution so he could concentrate.

What is the area of Constitution Convention Museum State Park?

The area of Constitution Convention Museum State Park is 56,655.9899136 square meters.

What was the consitional convention?

The constitution was written in Philadelphia state house from May to September 1787 by 55 men representing 13 colonies. Franklin, Adams, Madison, attended.

Where was the constitution convention held?

The Constitutional Convention was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the former Pennsylvania State House, which was later renamed Independence Hall.

Which state did not attend the Philadelphia convention in 1787?

Rhode Island did not send anyone to the 1787 Philadelphia convention to represent their state.

What is a way to ammend the Constitution?

formal- congress propose/ national convention propose---- then state legislature/state convention can ratify

What process did Constitution Convention set forth state to ratify the constitution?

chicken soup

What year did James Madison sign the constitution?

The Constitutional Convention formally opened on 25 May 1787. 39 of the 55 delegates to the Convention signed the finished copy of the Constitution of the United States on 17 Setember 1787. On 21 June 1788, New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the Constitution, making it the official form of government for the United States.

What state did Jonathan dayton represent at the convention?

mother russia

What state did James madsion represent the philadelphia convention?