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Q: What state elected Jesse venture?
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Who is Jesse Ventura and what political job post did he hold?

Jesse Ventura was a former wrestler who was later elected as governor of Minnesota.

What state did James Monroe get elected from?

James Monroe was elected from the state of Virginia.

Was there ever a pro wrestler elected as governor?

Jesse Ventura of Minnesota

What has the author Abram Jesse Dittenhoefer written?

Abram Jesse Dittenhoefer has written: 'How we elected Lincoln' -- subject(s): Politics and government

Does Texas have a state treasurer?

Yes. Among State Treasurers have been such notables as later Governor Ann Richards, Jesse James, and Warren Harding. The last 2 were not the famous ones, but the names were sufficient to get them elected, with typical Texas humor. Jesse James seemed to have been in office forever, at least when I was growing up.

Are elected by the people of the entire state?

Senate are elected by the entire state.

Who is the sectary of state in Illinois?

The current Illinois Secretary of State is Jesse White. Jesse White is a democrat, has been Secretary of State since 1999, is the 37th person to have that position and is the second longest serving Secretary of State.

What black man was appointed the presidency of the United States of America but was not elected?

Jesse Jackson

Are Representatives elected from the state as a whole and senators are elected from districts in the state?


Who are the state elected leaders?

A State's elected leaders include:Governorother State officials, like State TreasurerRepresentatives to the State HouseSenators to the State Senate

What state was James Monroe elected?

Monroe was the Secretary of State when he was elected and had a home in Virginia.

How are people elected to State Parliament?

They get Elected by the inventory