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Q: What state has one school disrict?
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How many disrict courts does a state have?

It depends on the state in question.

What state within the US has the smallest population?

The disrict of clumbia

What are the ways to make a theater in a school?

just ask the disrict the school is in and hopefully they would accecpt your offer

What is the congressional disrict of stlouis Missouri?

What is the congressional disrict of stlouis missouri?

What is a single member disrict?

Electoral district from which one person is chosen by the voters for each elected office.

Case information on Federal inmate Washington state?

Go to the federal Disrict Court in which the inmate was convicted and request to see the case file.

What is the least and most numbers of district courts in a state?

Question is unclear. Rhode Island is contained entirely within one US Disrict Court district, while California, and other large states, have several.

What cases does the superior court of prescott Arizona hear?

It is a "court of original jurisdiction' for cases of state law originating within the boundaries of its judicial disrict.

How do you spell disrict?

The correct spelling is district (region or subdivision).

What is the abbreviation of disrict of Columbia?

D.C. is the abbreviation for the District of Columbia.

What is the largest high school in Washington state?

South Kitsap High School is the largest in the state.

If you live in one state and go to a private school do you have to pay out of state tuition for college in the state you go to high school?