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Oklahoma is between Texas and Kansas

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Q: What state is between Texas and Kansas?
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What is the capital of the state that is between Texas and Kansas?

Between Texas and Kansas is Oklahoma, whose capital is Oklahoma City.

What state is between taxes and ksansas?

Oklahoma is the state between Texas and Kansas.

Which state is the worst?

Dead. .......... Iowa. .......... It is a toss up between Kansas and Texas.

How close is Texas to Kansas?

Texas is very close in proximity to Kansas. Texas is in fact a neighboring state to Kansas. Kansas is just Northeast of Texas.

Is Kansas in Texas?

No, Kansas is a state, like Texas. It's not a city or something.

What city is between Port Arthur Texas and Kansas City Kansas?

houston texas

Which trail was made by a trader and wagons between Texas and Kansas?

That is the (Jesse) Chisholm Trail, which went between Texas and Kansas.

When was the last time Kansas State beat the University of Texas?

Through the 2008 season, that was September 29, 2007 when Kansas State defeated Texas, 41-21.

Does Kansas have tornadoes more than any other state?

No, that title goes to Texas. Kansas comes in third place after Texas and Oklahoma.

What is Kansas state's all time basketball record vs Ohio state?

Kansas st is 7-19 vs Texas

What is the halfway point between Iowa and Texas?


What State was president Eisenhowers home state?

Eisenhower was born in Dennison, Texas.