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Q: What state is the cockpit of the revolution?
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What was final jeopardy question for April 23 2012?

AMERICAN HISTORYThis state is known as the "Cockpit of the Revolution" for all the battles there, including a pivotal one in December 1776New Jersey

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exactly as you did. cockpit

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The first syllable: COCKpit

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Cockpit Theatre ended in 1665.

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Cockpit Theatre was created in 1616.

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Cockpit-in-Court was created in 1629.

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A cockpit is the compartment where the pilot sits, it has no opposite.

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Where the cockpit is near the front, the opposite end of an aircraft is the tail. (Where the cockpit is on the top, the opposite is the undercarriage. In a passenger aircraft, the opposite of the cockpit or control area is the passenger area, or cabin.)

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The cockpit is usually in reach of the pilot and copilot.