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Wyoming is the state that was named after a valley in Pennsylvania where an Indian massacre occurred. Wyoming is an Indian word for valley.

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Q: What state was named after a valley in Pennsylvania that was the site of an Indian massacre?
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What was named after a valley in pennsylvania that was the site of an indian massacre?


State named after a valley in Pennsylvania that was the site of an Indian massacre?


The state of Wyoming is named after what?

The Wyoming Valley in Northeastern Pennsylvania

What US State is named after a trait of another US State?

Whyoming after a valley in Pennsylvania

What town in Pennsylvania is named after an Indian?

The town of Aliquippa is named after female Chief Aliquippa because of her greatness and in honor of her.

What is the name of a western tv show in 1961 with an Indian girl named Tawney in the movie?

A tv series, Bonanza, Big Valley, or another series that showed in 1961. In the show there was an Indian girl named Tawney.

Was the state of Wyoming named after the town Wyoming PA?

"The name Wyoming derives from the Munsee name xwé:wamənk, meaning 'at the big river flat,' but it was also named after the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania." [per Wikipedia]

Is there a city named Wyoming in every state?

No, only in 11 US states: Wyoming, Delaware; Wyoming, Illinois; Wyoming, Iowa; Wyoming, New York; Wyoming, Michigan; Wyoming, Minnesota; Wyoming, Ohio; Wyoming, Pennsylvania; Wyoming, Rhode Island; Wyoming, Wisconsin; Wyoming, West Virginia. There is a town called Plympton-Wyoming in Ontario, Canada and a Wyoming in New South Wales, Australia.There is a US state named Wyoming and a valley region named Wyoming Valley in northeastern Pennsylvania and another Wyoming Valley in western New York.There are Wyoming Counties in the US states of New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

What do the Native American words that form the names of Wyoming and Kansas mean?

Wyoming comes from the Delaware Indian word, meaning "mountains and valleys alternating"; the same as the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania Kansas is named for the nomadic tribe that lived in that area; the Kaw or Kanza people (People of the south wind).

What year was Harrisburg named the capital of Pennsylvania?

Harrisburg was named the capital of Pennsylvania in October 1812.

Was the neanderthals named afther the neander valley?

was neanderthal named afther neander valley

What state named after an English?

Pennsylvania is named after William Penn.