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Which of the following statements bestsummarizes the process of cultural sharing?

A. Cultures change over time as groups pass their values to other groups and adopt practices practices of other groups. B. Culture is best defined as the values of a group of people, which do not change over time and are not shared with others. C. Cultures only change by force, when one group imposes its values and ideas on others. D. Cultural differences became indistinguishable by the beginning of the 21st century.

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Q: What statements best summarizes the process of cultural sharing?
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Which Technologies have had a major impact on cultural sharing?

The Internet and ICT Technology has had a major impact on the cultural sharing.

What is responsible for cultural convergence?

Cultural convergence occurs when different cultures become more unified. The process occurs from reading similar books, watching the same shows, and sharing common languages.?æ

The process of accepting borrowing and exchanging ideas and traits among cultures?

This process is known as cultural exchange. It involves the sharing and blending of ideas, beliefs, customs, and practices between different cultures. Cultural exchange can lead to enriching experiences and greater understanding among people from diverse backgrounds.

What is the process of cultural diffusion?

Cultural diffusion is the spread of cultural beliefs, practices, ideas, and innovations from one group to another. This can occur through trade, migration, conquest, or communication. As cultures come into contact with one another, they exchange elements of their culture, leading to a blending and sharing of traditions.

What is cross- cultural exchange?

Cross-cultural exchange is the sharing and blending of ideas, customs, beliefs, and technologies between people from different cultures. This process often leads to mutual understanding, appreciation, and the enrichment of all parties involved. Cross-cultural exchange can occur through various means such as trade, migration, education, and communication.

How did cultural diffusion occur?

Cultural diffusion occurred through the exchange of goods, ideas, technologies, and beliefs between different cultures through trade, migration, conquest, and communication. This process facilitated the sharing and blending of cultural elements, leading to the spread and adoption of new practices and customs.

Which is one of the three main strategies that Woolf used in A Room of One's Own to help the reader understand her topic?

Sharing an anecdote

What does the term power sharing signify?

Power sharing signifies the sharing or dividing of power within the country among different religious and cultural communities in order to prevent disputes on social or political lines and so that all are treated equally and the goal of democracy is achieved.

If energy is absorbed during electron sharing the process is said to be?


What is the purpose of routing process?

sharing network information between routers

Statements about windows xp internet connection sharing?

Go to connect to, open Network andSharing Center, Switch file sharing on or off and check on all files and folders that are being shared as well as network folders on the computer.

What is the process of spreading ideas from a place of origin to another place?

The process of spreading ideas from a place of origin to another place is called diffusion. This can occur through various means such as trade, migration, communication, or cultural exchange. Diffusion can lead to the sharing and adoption of ideas, beliefs, technologies, and practices across different societies and cultures.