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should makes dams

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no steps

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Q: What steps are taken by the Indian government to clean river ganga?
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Name of the Indian river - statewise?

ganga river

What Indian river is sacred to Hindus?

the ganges river

Kanpur is on the bank of which Indian river?


Is there a case study on ganga action plan?

The Ganga Action Plan was a program launched by the Government of India in April 1985. The mission of the plan was to reduce the pollution load on the river Ganga. The Indian Government spent over 900 core Rupees on this project but it failed to decrease the pollution level in the river.

Which river is called queen of Indian rivers?


Which was Indian largest river name?

Brahmaputra, Ganga river is the largest river in India.

What is ganga action plan?

people who comes to see the ganga river they throw garbages in ganga so the government of India they thought can we buy ganga action pain .It is started by Rajeev Gandhi the prime minister of India to keep clean to the Ganga river.

Indian Monument Which is being destroyed by pollution?

River Ganga

What rivers are affected by pollution?

Almost all rivers in India which includes Ganga,etc are affected by the pollution.General problem we can see hear is,all the sewage water channels are ended with the rivers and nobody from Government is taking step to correct this.Recentely Tamilnadu Government requesting Mr.Saibaba's help to clean the famous chennai river coovam,which was the river peoples used the water for drinking /pathing and now this is not at all possible to walk near the river without closing your nose. are the Indian ganga.

What was the Ganga action plan?

The Ganga Action Plan (GAP) was a successful program initiated by the Government of India in 1985 to reduce pollution in the Ganga river.

What is ganga river called in sanskrit?

The Ganga River is called "Ganga" in Sanskrit.

Which river is declared as ' national river'?