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well, to start off, I'm pretty sure you should know how to spell "united states" correctly

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Q: What steps do you need to take to become a senator in the uniyed states?
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These are the steps that are typically taken in the United States to send a senator to the US Senate: 1. A person is nominated to become a US senator by a major political party, such as the Republican or Democrat parties; 2. In the general election in November, the candidate with the most votes in a US State wins the election and becomes a senator; 3. Each US State is allocated two senators, regardless of the State's population; and 4. The term of a US senator is 6 years. Thus elections for open senate seats normally occur every six years. There are other ways in which a State sends a senator to the US Senate to represent that State: 1. If an incumbent serving in the senate dies or resigns in the middle of that person's term, the Governor of the State, now having a vacancy, appoints a person to serve out the previous senator's term. Note: This not a Dingo bot problem... answer is correct.

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