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Q: What tariffs were designed to provide income for the federal government?
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Which level of government is responsible for tariffs on international trade?


What best explains why the federal government enacted tariffs in the late 19th century?

You have not included the "following". Please provide additional information in order to receive an answer.

Do states set tariffs on goods coming in?

No. That belongs to federal government .

What right was granted to the federal government by the force bill?

The federal government was granted the right to enforce federal laws, including the collection of protective tariffs. This was a power the federal government had not held before.

What rights were granted to the federal government by force bill?

the right to enforce federal lawa, including the clloection of protective tariffs.

Why the federal government enacted tariffs in the late 19th century?

to help american buinesses

Does the US federal government have the power to tax imports?

The US government may tax imported goods through a tax system called tariffs. US states have no authority over tariffs..

What percentage of the national income was attributed to tariffs in 1790?

By the 1790's the revenue from tariffs provide 90 percent of the national government's income.

Why did government pass tariffs?

the government passed tariffs to raise taxes

The nullification crisis concerned South Carolina's dissatisfaction with federal policy on what?


In the 19th century protective tariffs subsidies for railroads and open immigration showed that the federal government followed a policy of?

support for economic development

Whih of the following did NOT contribute to the stock market crash of 1929?

The Treasury Department's active involvement in the economy.