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Q: What term applies to an amendment that is removed by another amendment?
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Which amendment makes congressional pay raises effective during the term following their passage?

Congressional pay increase is found in Amendment 27.

Which term applies to the 20 permanent committees of the house?

sitting commitees

Why does the twenty-second amendment result in lame duck presidency?

The 22nd constitutional amendment is not a direct cause of Lame-duck presidents. A Lame-duck president will result anytime a new president is elected. The only real impact this amendment has on this occurance is that it guarantees that a lame-duck occurs every 8 years at the latest, as a president cannot be elected to a third term. Before this amendment it was traditional for a president not to seek a third term as President Washington eschewed a third term. Franklin Roosevelt was the only president to be elected to a third term, or a fourth term for that matter, the amendment was a reaction to the length of his presidency. Thus, before this amendment, lame-duck presidents were already occurring regularly and are not the result of this amendment. Hope that helps.

What is a Sentence for reserved powers?

The "reserved powers" is just another term used for the tenth amendment, which states that powers that aren't specifically designated for the federal government, are automatically given to the states.

What amendment to the US Constitution limits the number of terms a US President can serve?

The 22nd Amendment to the Constitution, which was ratified in 1947, limitsa president to two elected terms. The amendment also prohibits a person from running for reelection more than once if he or she has already served more than two years of a term to which someone else had been elected. The Constitution of the United States specifies a four-year presidential term. It originally says nothing about how many terms a president could serve.The 22nd Amendment

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What amendment sets Congressmen's term limits?

There is no such amendment. US Senators and Representatives do not have term limits.

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What amendment established a two-term limit?

It is the Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution that created the two-term limit. The amendment was ratified in 1951.

Where is it written that a US president is limited to two terms in office?

Such is the 22nd amendment to the Constitution . Actually the amendment says the president can only be elected to 2 terms- he may serve part of another term.

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What amendment set the date of a new term in office for legislature?

20th Amendment

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