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Veto (A+)

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Q: What term is defined as apresidents refusal to sign a bill?
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How do you dispute dmv refusal of smog and chp sign off?

If you have all the necessary paperwork (the ticket, the California Highway Patrol's sign off, any other supporting documentation) you can dispute the DMV's refusal when you go to traffic court.

The executive branch's power to refuse to sign a bill is called?

Abrogating the will of the peoples representatives.If you ask this question "what is it called when the president refuses a bill" it is called a veto!!!The president can veto a bill. If a president refuses to sign a bill into law, it will become a law in 10 days after it was approved by congress.

When does 3 day right of refusal begin?

The time/date you sign the contract or agreement + 72 hours..

Is divorce legal if you didn't sign it?

When the Judge says the degree is final , refusal to sign it makes no difference . If you initiated the action, you must petition the court to drop it .

A refusal to work because a satisfactory contract cannot be negotiated is a?

sign of a lazy scumbag who doesn't deserve the job.

What if respondent does not sign?

If a respondent chooses not to sign a document, it may indicate that they do not agree with its contents or are not willing to be legally bound by it. In some cases, their refusal to sign may also prevent the document from being implemented or enforced as intended.

When the governor refuses to sign a bill and sends it back to the general assembly the bill has been?

A bill that the governor (for a state bill) or president (for a US Congressional bill) refuses to sign is said to be VETOED.

If congress overides a vetoed bill and approves it does the president still have to sign it?

No- he does not have to sign a bill passed over his veto.

What can a president with bill do?

A President can either sign a bill or veto it.

To refuse to sign into laws?

When the president refuses to sign a bill into law, it is called a veto.

What were lord elgin's options?

sign the rebellion losses bill or not sign it

What steps are necessary to veto a bill?

The President refuses to sign the bill.