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Q: What theory of American democracy focuses on the participation of groups in a decentralized structure of government that offers many points of access to policy maker?
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Pluralism is most likely to be found where the government structure is?


Is GE a centralized or decentralized structure?


Where does the governments fit in the structure of government of the US?

Right below the state government

What is the structure of the government of Spain?

Spain is a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy

What is the political structure of Ancient Japan?

they had a controlled decentralized government

Do the major parties have decentralized structure?


What is the primary government structure in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a parliamentary democracy.

What are the major dimensions of the democracy?

The major dimensions of democracy include political participation, political rights and civil liberties, rule of law, and accountability and transparency. Political participation refers to the active involvement of citizens in the political process. Political rights and civil liberties encompass the freedom of expression, assembly, and association. Rule of law ensures equality and fairness in the legal system, while accountability and transparency ensure that those in power are held responsible for their actions and decisions.

Is it possible to govern a democracy without political parties?

It is possible to govern a democracy without political parties; however, political parties often play a key role in organizing political activity and providing structure to the democratic process. Without political parties, decision-making and representation may become more decentralized and potentially less effective.

How were equity and fairness part of structure of the government and society of Ancient Athens?

They had a democracy so they could choose their government.

What was the government structure in ancient Corinth?

It varied over time - monarchy, oligarchy, tyranny, democracy.

The executive structure of Texas is best described as?

Pluralistic and decentralized