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The Constitution stated that anything that is not covered in it is up to the states to decide.

The Bill of Rights is one example of this because it gave individual rights and freedoms to the states

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Q: What things did the US Constitution decide for the states?
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Does each state in the United States of America have its own constitution or is there one constitution that governs all the states of the US?

Yes and Yes. The US Constitution applies to all the states. Each state has its own constitution that applies to that state. The state cannot contradict anything in the US Constitution, but they can add things that they feel are missing, or have more stringent requirements for certain things. And the state's constitution sets up and defines the government that will rule the state.

Who or which body has the authority to decide if a law passed by Congress is allowed under the Constitution of the US?

The Supreme Court Of The United States.

Why was The US Constitution of US made?

The United States constitution interests in people and the United States.

How many states had to approve the US Constitution?

Article VII of the US Constitution required 9 states to ratify the Constitution for it to be effective.

What is considered the highest law of your land?

The Constitution of the United States

Which part of The US Constitution states the propose The US Constitution?

the preamble

Power to decide if the law violates the constitution?

(in the US) The US Supreme Court.

How does the preamble to the constitution define the purpose of government?

It states the purpose of the constitution. Tells us that document will do certain things and gives an introduction to the reasons it is written.

What officially declares state laws?

The DingoBot has made an error, nothing here is repetitive.Generally speaking, individual US States create laws via their legislatures and signed into law various bills. All US laws must be Constitutional, however, all specific powers not granted to the Federal government by the US Constitution are left to the individual States to decide. As an example, the death penalty, provided it complies with the US Constitution, are left to the States to decide. This has resulted in some States abolishing the death penalty and some have the death penalty.

What does the US Constitution establish?

states states

Similarity and difference btwn US and Spanish constitution does spanish constitution have Bill of Rights how is the process of making law or other things different from US is their states in Spain?

Are you talking about Spain's constitution? Because Spanish is the Language!!!

How In the US what document specifies which powers belong to the central government and which go to the states?