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Grant (#18), Hayes (#19) and Garfield (#20) are all born in Ohio. Grant moved out when he left for college and never lived in Ohio thereafter.

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Q: What three presidents in succession came from Ohio?
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Who was the first president that came from Ohio?

Eight United States Presidents either were born in Ohio or were living in Ohio when they were elected President. Sixwere Ohio residents when they were elected President and held public office in Ohio.William Henry Harrison (resident of Ohio when elected President- was born in Virginia)Ulysses Grant (born in Ohio, not a resident of Ohio when elected President)Rutherford Hayes (born , lived and buried in Ohio)James a Garfield (born , lived and buried in Ohio)Benjamin Harrison (born in Ohio, not a resident of Ohiowhen elected President)William McKinley (born , lived and buried in Ohio)William Howard Taft (born in Ohio and a resident of Ohio when elected President. Lived in Washington after he was president and is buried there.)Warren Harding (born , lived and buried in Ohio)

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Ohio has produced more presidents than any other US state. Those presidents from Ohio include W.H. Harrison, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, B. Harrison, McKinley, Taft, and Harding.

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There were two Presidents who were Democrats and came from Ohio: William Henry Harrison and William McKinley. However, it is important to note that they were born in Ohio, but they were not necessarily considered Ohioans in terms of their political careers.

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18th, 19th, 20th, 23rd, 25th, 27th,and 29th.

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