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1. Even though Franklin still thought the Constitution had some errors, he says that he's been wrong before and may find himself changing his mind later anyway. He'll give in to the better judgment of others.
2. The country needed a new government and the structure provided by the Constitution should work if administered well and Franklin though it would be administered well.
3. Even if they called another convention, it couldn't come up with a better Constitution than this one.
4. "Thus I consent, Sir, to this Constitution because I expect no better, and because I am not sure, that it is not the best. The opinions I have had of its errors, I sacrifice to the public good."

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Q: What three reasons does Franklin give for agreeing to the constitution?
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What three reasons does Franklin gave for finally agreeing to accept the Constitution?

Benjamin Franklin signed the Constitution of the United States because he wanted to see that the New World had its freedom from British control. He also signed it because he believed in the words that were printed in the document. As an envoy for American rights in England, he was concerned about the Americans having a free society.

Who were three of the leaders in the Federalist Party who helped form and support the Constitution?

Franklin Madison Washington

Three reasons why they shouldn't ratify the constitution?

because i didn't want to teehee

What are three signers of the U.S. Constitution?

There were a great many people who signed the United States Constitution such as George Washington. This list also includes John Adams and Benjamin Franklin.

Who were the three Dissenters of the Constitution?

Robert Yates and John Lansing were two dissenters who wrote a letter detailing their reasons for dissenting. Another dissenter of the Constitution was George Mason.

What makes the constitution effective?

The US Constitution created a system of government that included checks and balances, which is one of the reasons it's effective. The legislative, executive, and the judicial are the three branches of government.

How did enlightenment influence the government?

the three philosophers Locke, voltair, and montesque influences Franklin, Jefferson, Madison and admas. they made our government. without their ideas we would not have the Bill of Rights, constitution, or Declaration of Independence.

13th state to ratify the constitution?

Rhode Island was the 13th state to ratify the United States Constitution on May 29, 1790. Initially, Rhode Island was reluctant to join the Union and held out for three years before finally agreeing to ratify the document.

What did James Madison do to be the father of the constitution?

James Madison became father of the constitution for a few reasons, first he wrote down almost every event that happened in the writing of the constitution, second he was the one who came up with the idea for three branches of government, even though it was Edmund Randolph who suggested the idea at the convention, Madison was the one who told Randolph to suggest the plan at a pub the night before, this three branch form of government was the basis for most of the constitution, and it was for these reasons that Madison was named father of the constitution.

William Cooke was one of the fraimers of Pennsylvania's first constitution do you have a list of the names of the signers of that first Constitution?

The principal architects of the 1776 Pennsylvania Constitution were believed to be George Bryan, James Cannon and Benjamin Franklin with possible contributions by Thomas Paine, George Clymer and Timothy Matlock. The only person that signed that document was Benjamin Franklin as the President. It was a courageous but flawed document that was replaced by the 1790 Constitution three years after statehood.

What are the three reasons that the anti-federalists opposed the constitution?

1. gov't with too much power bill of right 3.dictatorship-president

Three provisions in japans constitution?

Note three provisions in japans new constitution