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The agricultural revolution, industrial revolution and the scientific revolution are the three revolutions that forged our world from a vast nothing. Without these humans would exist with mass difficulties.

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Q: What three revolutions have changed the world?
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What three revolutions were great political events of the western world?

The American, French and Russian Revolutions.

What are two important revolutions that changed world history?

american revolution industrial revolution

How many world wide revolutions?

How many world wide revolutions?

What do you call the angle measere 1080 degree?

Three revolutions

What are the three ways Islamic changed the world?

transfered the peace and each other

How did the black death affect the monastries?

black death changed Europe. Socially, economically, it led to many revolutions. which changed feudalism and other rules.

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According to the enlightenment philosophes government could be changed when?

According to Enlightenment philosophes, government could be changed when it no longer served the interests and rights of the people. They believed in the principles of popular sovereignty and that individuals had the right to overthrow a government that oppressed them. This idea influenced revolutions such as the American and French Revolutions.

What does the acronym rpm stand for?

# RPM is a standard for how many revolutions the record would make per minute. Different sized records required the speed be changed on the record player.

Two revolutions fundamentally changed liberalism they occurred during which two of the following decades?

1930's and 1960's

Why is age of revolutions important?

why the age revolution important to world history

How did the enlightenment influence revolutions around the world?

This question is beside the point.