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the wahine sank because the captio did not pull out to sea much at all

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Q: What time did the wahine sink?
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Did the wahine sink?

yes the wahine did sink. in the cook straight in new zealand

The wahine sinking?

yes the wahine did sink. in the cook straight in New Zealand

Where did the 'Wahine' sink?

The Wahine Disaster happened in the Waters of Welligton 1968. 53 of the 733 people died. It was a very sad time. xoxo Paige

What day did the Wahine sink?

10 April 1968

How did the wahine sink?

During a storm the ferry, 'Wahine' ran aground on Barret's Reef at the entrance to Wellington Harbour.

When did the Wahine ferry sink in Wellington harbor?

10th of April, 1968.

Which inter-island ferry sink in 1968 in the Wellington Harbor?


Where and when did the Wahine sink?

The Wahine, a ferry, sank on April 10, 1968, in Wellington Harbor, New Zealand, after running aground during a severe storm. The incident resulted in the loss of 53 lives.

How many meaters did the wahine sink away from wellinton habour?

The Wahine sunk inside the entrance to Wellington harbour after striking Barretts Reef at the entrance to the harbour. For full information please visit

When did the Wahine sink?

April 10, 1968. See the related link for more information.

What time did cyclone giselle hit the wahine?


What is a wahine?

A wahine is a Polynesian or Maori woman.