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smith and hughes

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Q: What two congressmen wrote the National Vocational Education Act that was approved by Congress in 1917?
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What two congressmen wrote the national vocational education act that approved by congress in 1917?

smith and hughes

What two congressmen wrote the National Vocational Education Act that was approved by Congress in1917?


When easy the national vocational education act signed into a law?

The national vocational education act was signed into a law in 1963.

What was the significance of the Smith-Hughes National Vocational Education Act?

The Smith-Hughes National Vocational Education Act of 1917 was an act of the United States Congress that promoted vocational agriculture to train and provide funds for people "who have entered upon or who are preparing to enter upon the work of the farm." It was one of the first acts of the government supporting vocational work.

Where can I find information on vocational education?

One can find information about vocational education in the following sites; NIVE or National Institute for Vocational Education (Exclusively in the Government of Dubai). Future unlimited in Australia also offers varieties of Vocational education. Therefore, It is also helpful to someone to seek their local government help to find available vocational education in their area.

What is an example of enabling act?

An example of an enabling act is the Smith-Hughes National Vocational Education Act, passed in 1917, which provided federal funding for vocational education programs in the United States. This act enabled the federal government to support and promote vocational education by providing grants to states for the development of vocational education programs.

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