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The Revolutionary War was fought between the American colonists and England. France did help the colonists as the war progressed, but this was mainly a war for American independence from Britain.

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The simple answer is Britain. But history rarely is simple.

First of all, many of the "British" who fought against the revolting colonials were fellow colonials who remained loyal to Britain. Some historians say that only about one-third of American colonists favored independence, while an almost equal number opposed revolution! Many Loyalists fought for the British.

Second, North America simply was another field of battle for European rivals to cripple each other -- or friendly nations to strengthen ties with stronger empires.

That was why German states "rented" thousands of mercenaries, mostly from the state of Hesse, to the British.

On the other side, the main European participant was France -- a continual foe of the English since 1066, when William of Normandy sailed from France and conquered England.

French intellectuals and idealists enthusiastically supported the ideas in the Declaration of Independence, part of a movement leading to the French Revolution in 1789.

Many individual Frenchmen joined the rebels, the best known being the Marquis de Lafayette. At age 19, he was commissioned a general in George Washington's Continental Army.

But the French government refused to intervene until the revolutionaries' decisive victory in fall 1777 at Saratoga (winning two battles on the same field, September 19 and October 7).

French troops and supplies turned the tide of the war, and the large French fleet neutralized the individually superior British ships. In 1781 the French blockaded Yorktown, Va., where the powerful British army led by Lord Cornwallis was trapped. Cornwallis' surrender ended the final confrontation of the war before a peace treaty was signed in 1783 in Paris recognizing the new nation.

Also gaining from the treaty were Spain and the Netherlands, who declared war when British defeat was imminent. For minimal risk and little contribution, they won key trade concessions from Britain.

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The two main countries fighting in the Revolutionary War were England and America.

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America and Britain

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Q: What two countrys fought in the Revolutionary War?
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Where were the first two battles of revolutionary war fought?

The first two battles of the Revolutionary War were fought in Lexington and Concord, MA.

First battles of revolutionary war were fought where?

The first two battles of the Revolutionary War that were fought were the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

Where were the first two battles of the Revolutionary war!?

The first two battles of the Revolutionary War were fought in Lexington and Concord, MA.

Have there ever been a war fought on American soil?

Yes; The Civil War and the Revolutionary War are two.

Is the Revolutionary War the same as World War 1?

No, they were two different wars fought in different time periods.

What two countries was the American Revolution fought between?

Great Britain and The United states

Where were the first two battles of the revolutionary war?

The first two battles of the Revolutionary War were fought in Lexington and Concord, MA.

Who were peter Salem and Lemuel Hayes?

They were two African Americans that fought for the Patriot cause in the Revolutionary War.

How did the American Civil War differ from the Revolutionary War?

The main difference between the American Civil War and the American Revolutionary War was that the Revolutionary War was fought between the British Empire and the American Colonies, the latter of which declared independence; and the "Civil War" was fought between the United States, and the Confederated States of America--two separate and distinct countries. So, in actuality, the "Civil War" was not a civil war, since it was a war between to countries.

Did the US try to help England by entering the war?

This would depend upon which war you are talking about. The US fought against England in two wars, the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, and it fought as an ally of England in two other wars, WW I and WW II.

What is a war the US fought in?


Why were there two different names for America's war against Britain?

Two wars were fought against England: 1. The Revolutionary War, also known as the War of Independence (1775-1783). 2. The War of 1812.