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the magna carta and the mayflower compact

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Q: What two documents influenced the US Constitution?
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What is the answer to the Framing of the US Constitution?

what documents influenced the framing of the constitution

What two british documents influenced the farmers of the US constitution?

Magna Carta, and English Bill Of Rights

What two important british documents influenced the framers of the US constitution?

One was The English Bill of Rights

What 3 documents that was influenced the US Constitution?

Magna Carta Articles Of Confederation Bill Of Rights

What documents have influenced the us government?

Bill of Rights Constitution Magna Carta Articles of Confederation Declaration of Independence

Is the US Constitution the same as the US declaration of independence?

No, they are two entirely separate documents.

What 3 great US documents were influenced by the Magna Carta?

My guess, and I stress my guess would be the US Constitution, The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

What Fundamental documents that influenced the development of US government?

what fundamental documents that influenced the development of the u.s government

How was the the Texas constitution influenced by the US constitution?


What US documents were influenced by the Magna Carta?

The U.S. Constitution is influenced by the Magna Carta. The major similarities in these documents are the Writ of Habaes Corpus, the Right to speedy trial, and "No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law."

What two English principles of government influenced the development of the US?

Representative democracy and constitution.

The Constitution of the US became effective in 1789 what documents did the US Constitution replace?

Articles of Confederation

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