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suffrage amendment

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Q: What type of amendment defines a citizen's right to vote?
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Which Amendment in the Bill of Rights promises this liberty Amendment - Citizens have the right to bear arms.?

The second amendment gives the right of militia and to bear arms. The thing you have to remember that when it was written there were flintlock guns that only could shoot one shot and the amendment was meant for protection by the militia not for people to own military type weapons that we have today.

Which type of federal what are the right by the 16th amendment in 1913?


What type of law is followed when a citizens peaceful life is disrupted by crime?

Generally *NO* law is followed in the committing of a crime - that sort of defines the word "crime".

What amendment says the media has a right to attend criminal trials and hearings?

Type your answer here... The First Amendment provides the right to the press. The Sixth Amendment gives the right to a speedy and public trial in criminal matters. With these two amendments, the press has the right to attend public criminal proceedings.

Which amendment allows people to protest against the government?

The First Amendment relates to your right of free speech, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. However, this is not a free pass. While you've the right to post something online about how you don't like the Department of Motor Vehicles, if you criticize one of them while at the DMV, you may well be asked (made) to leave. Likewise, discussions on the nature of liberty will not be allowed at airport security points. Or a lot of other places. You should regard your "right" to criticize a government official as on a par with your "right" to bear arms. You, by a literal reading of the Constitution, have a "right" to do either, with no restrictions. But you'd do well to exercise MUCH prudence.

What blood type is rh factor?

it defines if the blood type is positive(+) or negative(-).

What is a type of compound that defines polymer?

a covalent compound

What type of amendment deals specifically with economic issues?

economic amendment

What type of amendment is the Twentieth Amendment which alters the Federal Government?


Does A substantive law creates or defines legal rights and obligations?

Not really. Criminal laws (the "Penal Code") specify what constitutes a crime in a given jurisdiction and how those crimes will be punished. You could perhaps say that citizens have a right to be free from that type of behavior and a duty to not commit crimes, but that's not how the penal code is usually described.

What type of amendment is the 11th amendment?

pretty much you cant sue a state

What type of amendment addresses a political problem in attempt to improve the federal government?

Ploitical amendment