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your moma

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Q: What type of article is this what is the answer?
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What is a type of article?

A type of article could be a news article, opinion piece, research article, or feature article. Each type serves a different purpose and conveys information in a specific way.

What type of adjectives are a an and the?

"A" is an indefinite article as is the word "an" ; "the" is a definite article .

What parts of speech is A?

It's an indefinite article which is a type of determiner that precedes a noun. "A" and "An" are indefinite articles, and "The" is a definite article.

What is a large type word before or above an article that tells what the article is about?


What type of part of speech is a?

"a" is an article along with "an" and "the"

What type of noun is article?

The noun 'article' is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a thing.

Why does soundproofing work?

wikipedia has an article on it. G to google, type what is soundproofing, and pick the WISEGEEK ARTICLE

What are words printed in heavy type above an article or story that tell the title of an article called?


What type of verb is an a?

"A" is not a considered a verb. It is considered an article.

Is the an adjective or an adverb?

The word "the" is an article, which is a type of adjective.

What is a Type B medicated article?

A "Type A Medicated Article" is a type of drug product that is solely intended for use in animal feed to produce medicated animal feed (referred to as Type B and Type C Animal Feed). Usually "Type A Medicated Article" contains an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) along with a carrier and diluent. The API can be synthesized chemically for produced by fermentation reaction.

Can the word the be used as an adjective or adverb?

'The' is an adjective, in fact it is a particular type of adjective known as an article, and it is a 'definite article' at that.