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Republic. A republic is a government in which the power is held by the people, who elect other people to represent them.

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absolute monarchy

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Q: What type of government allowed Meadus to represent members of his community?
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Who are community members who owe loyalty to the government?

It is a citizen!:)

Who do house members represent?

house members represent each country to give them a equal say in the matter at hand.

Why aren't members of the Senate also called representatives?

Simply stated the Constitution established three branches of government: executive, legislative, and judicial. And it further divided the legislative branch into the House of Representative and the Senate. That's their proper names, which is why they are capitalized. And that's your answer. Members of the Senate are called Senators because they belong to the Senate. They are not called Representatives because they do not belong to the House of Representatives.

What type of government did the anishinabe have?

Each of the clans had a leader, who was chosen because he displayed courage, good character, or skill in hunting. The leaders of the crane and loon clans were responsible for making decisions that affected all the people of the community. Members of the Crane clan were leaders in matters outside the community. The Loon clan members were leaders in matters within the community. They worked together to create a balanced government. There could be times of conflict, though. In these cases, it was the role of the Fish clan to help settle disputes between the Cranes and the LoonsList of clans:BirdMartenFishLoon and CraneBearDeer

What is the definition of pan-government?

if the prefix "pan" means "all" or "all members of", then it seems pan-government means all governments or all members of governments ...

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Who is expected to act as the local government's?

Local government officials such as mayors, city council members, and county commissioners are typically responsible for governing at the local level. They are elected to represent the interests of the community and make decisions on issues that affect local residents.

Who are community members who owe loyalty to the government?

It is a citizen!:)

What is the national assembly in Zambia?

It is their parliament, where elected members meet to represent the people and where the government is.

How is the election process of the members of Congress reflective of a representative government?

Because they represent the people.

What is a community username?

A community username is a unique name that a user selects to represent themselves within an online community or platform. It is often used as their handle for interactions and is visible to other members of the community.

What are government officials with a good description?

House of Representative members are government officials in Congress who represent specific areas of their states.

Why does the government limit the political activities of the members of the civil service?

Civil servants should represent the bipartisan government ideal.

What is the difference between a member of Parliament and a member of provincial Parliament?

Members of Parliament represent a riding in the federal government, while Members of Provincial Parliament represen a riding in the provincial government.

An activist is protesting against an imperial government. He claims that members of his community who share a language, ethnicity, and culture are not being represented in the empire's government?

Nationalism :)

What has Jonas learned about the community's rule regarding lying?

Jonas learns that lying is not allowed in the community because it undermines trust and creates confusion. The community believes in complete honesty to maintain order and harmony among its members.

Is it allowed that a Kagawad member to work to any form of Government employee?

Only the qualified Kagawad members can work to any form of government employees.

Can butterflies and daisies be members of the same community?

yes it can be members of the same community