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Representative democracy.

A republic does not require elected representatives.

A democracy can be direct voting by each citizen.

So to accurately represent both election and representation, we use representative democracy

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In democracies people elect representatives. Sometimes in authoritarian/dictatorial systems governments can hold elections that give the appearance that the people elected representatives, but these results are often falsified and unreliable.

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Indirect democracy, or republic

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representative democracy Republic

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Q: What type of government do people vote for representatives?
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According to the preamble who has the power to establish or change the government?

The people do. We the people... We vote on our conflicts, or elect representatives who vote for us. The word for this is a democracy or a republic.

When people vote for the Canadian government what is that type of government called?

Canada has a parliamentary type of government.

How does the Vietnam Government get elected?

People vote to choose their representatives in the National Assembly. This assembly, then, vote to choose members of government from a list that the Vietnamese Communist Party gave them.

What is the most significant difference between direct democracy and representative democracy?

In a direct democracy, citizens directly vote for all decisions made by the government. In an indirect democracy, they vote for representatives who, in turn, vote for decisions.

What type of government is where people vote or elect?


What role do common people of India play in their government?

they vote for their leaders through their elected representatives. got it.

What government has the people themselves rather than representatives make governmental decisions in a?

A pure democracy has the people themselves making decisions by majority vote. When representatives of those people are used instead of the people themselves, it is a republican form of government.

When People have the highest participation rate in this type of government.?

People have the highest participation rate in a direct democracy, where citizens directly vote on policies and decisions rather than electing representatives to do so on their behalf.

Who is the representative democracy?

Representative democracy is a democracy where the people choose a representative to represent them in the government. This representative will then vote for the things the people he represents want.

Who has the power within a democratic government?

The people are supposed to have the power, and in a pure democracy in whiich people get to vote on every important issue, the majority vote of the people would rule. In a reprsentative democracy, the people elect representative and the representatives vote on the issues. In this form of government, the people should still have the power, but that is dependent upon the representatives voting the way the people want them to. Unfortunately in this form of government, corruption and the power of special interests can result in the people losing the power they are supposed to have.

What government type does Guam have?

Well it is under the control of the U.S. . So it is basically democratic. However they cannot vote or elect representatives.

Citizens vote for their political representatives in governments shaped by the political principle of what?

The political principle of the Republicicanism. Republicicanism: the belief that government should be based on the consent of the people; people exercise their power by voting for political representatives.