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Governance by a ruling class - usually a hereditary ruling class.

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An aristocracy government is one where power is in the hands of a small, privileged ruling class. It can be ruled by a class of people with exceptional privileges and rank.

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Aristocracy governments refers to the type of government that has a privileged class who hold hereditary tittles. An example is the government of Lesotho.

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Aristocracy is a government ruled by nobles. How it works is rich, important people run the government.

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Q: What type of government is aristocracy?
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Aristocracy is a type of what?

Aristocracy is a type of government.

What type of government is government by a ruling class?


What type of government is ruled by greek nobles?

The type of government is ARISTOCRACY. Hope that helps.

What type of government only the upper class rules?

Aristocracy Government=]

What type of government means rule by the best?


What type of Government turn in success Theocracy Democracy Aristocracy or Monarchy?

Theocracy..! That's it!

What type of government did the ancient Greeks introduce into the world?

Monarchy Tyranny Aristocracy Oligarchy Democracy Ochlocracy

Was the yuan dynasty meritocracy or aristocracy?

They were 'government by foreigners' which is not meritocracy or aristocracy.

What are four types of government?

There are four main types of government. These include a monarchy, an aristocracy, an aristocracy, as well as a Dictatorship.

Was there ever a different type of government in Brazil?

Yes Colony Imperal Time Aristocracy Militar Republic of Brazil

How was an aristocracy different than an oligarchy?

An aristocracy government was ruled by one King/Queen, an oligarchy government was ruled by the few.

Government by a privileged minority or upper class is a what?

The system of government by privileged citizens or the upper class is called aristocracy.