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He used evidence from landform, climate, and fossils to support his theory of the continental drift.

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Q: What type of information Alfred wegner use on his theory?
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Who made a theory fo pangaea?

The person who made the theory for Pangaea was Wegener Alfred made in 1910. Also, for more information type in goggle: Wegener's Evidence Booklet. Hope it helped you.

What type of information or items did Alfred wegener use to support his theory?

Alfred Wegener used evidence such as the fit of the continents, matching geological formations across continents, identical fossil species found on different continents, and similarities in rock types and mountain ranges as support for his theory of continental drift.

Who is Alfred weagnner and what did he do?

Alfred Wegner was a meteorologist. He beleived that the continents move. He had four evidence. One of them was the fossils. He would see a type of fossil on the east of South America and the west of Africa. another was that when he put the pieces in (continents) together he saw that they all fit like a jigsaw puzzle.he called the super continent "Pangaea". another was the climate in areas, and another was earthquakes and volcanoes.earthquakes and volcanoes occur mostly on tectonic plates.the scientists didn't believe his theory at first and they thought he was crazy because Alfred had no idea how the continents moved and why they the scientists didn't believe him. he called his theory"continential drift" because his theory was the the continents have moved in the past and are still moving today and will always move. Hope this was helpful!

What clues did Wegner have for his theory of continental drift which he called Pangaea?

...... Some one of his clues where he found the same dead plant body in Africa and South America,..... now,there could not be the same type of plant at 2 places could there... so he was right.......whitch came pangea.... glad i could help !!

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Which type of evidence was not used by Alfred wegener to support his continental hypothesis?

Which type of evidence was NOT used by Alfred Wegener to support his continental drift hypothesis human remains

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