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Cameroon uses the Central African Franc (XAF)

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Q: What type of money is used in Cameroon?
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What kind of mercury is used to make Cameroon paper money?

Cameroon's paper money typically contains traces of mercury as an anti-counterfeiting measure. However, the exact type of mercury used is not publicly disclosed due to security reasons.

What type of currency is used in Cameroon?

the currency used in cameroon is cefa(cfa franc )

What type of money do the people in Cameroon use?

They use "Kuvachi"

How is the money described in Cameroon?

The currency used in Cameroon is the Central African Franc (XAF ) -Note this is not the same as the French franc.

What is the type of money US uses?

Cameroon uses the Central African Franc (XAF)

What type of government does Cameroon have?

Which type of government did Cameroon have for many years

What type of economic system does Cameroon have?

What type of economic system does Cameroon, Africa have? (traditional, command, market, or mixed)

What does money in Cameroon look like?

The currency in Cameroon and many other African countries is the CFA Franc. Here is a picture of some Cameroon currency:

Is 452.00 Francs a lot of money in Cameroon?

It may well be a lot of money in Cameroon, but back in the real world it's about 90 cents US.

What type of jobs are in Cameroon?

the type of encomy is 100

What is Cameroon's type of government?


What is the name of the money in Cameroon?

CFA Cameroon's money is the Franc CFA. It is now pegged to the Euro (formerly to the French Franc). It is issued by the central bank of Central African States (6) of which Cameroon is a member state. Read on these topic with a visual photo gallery here