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The Supreme Court is the highest appellate court in the United States. It does not try cases, in the standard sense of the word, but only reviews lower court decisions. Usually, cases heard by the Supreme Court involve issues of Constitutional law or federal legislation.

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Q: What type of people are tried by the US Supreme Court and how does the Supreme Court accept such cases?
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What cases does the supreme court usually accept?

Cases that ask questions that are important to many people.

How many cases the US Supreme Court accept out of 900?

The Supreme Court accepts approximately 1-2% of the cases it receives on appeal. The Court may grant certiorari to 9-18 out of 900 cases.

What kind of cases does the supreme court usually accept?

The types of cases the Supreme Court sees involve constitutional issues or federal laws. The Supreme Court gets approximately 7,000 requests to hear cases each and every year.

Where do the US Supreme Court justices hear cases?

The Supreme Court justices hear cases in the courtroom of the Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC.

Supreme court only hears cases of?

The Supreme Court hears cases which are on final appeal. The Supreme Court also hears cases relating to national elections.

Which court hears cases that have national significance?

Supreme Court of the United States

What kind of cases does supreme court accept?

Ones concerning the constitution, federal law, and 2 or more states, mostly

Can the Supreme Court demand an investigation?

No. The Supreme Court can't demand an investigation for most of the cases it hears because 1) that isn't a judicial function; and 2) most cases arrive at the Supreme Court on appeal. Appellate courts are required to accept the facts of a case as presented; they don't order or consider new evidence.

Does the Arizona Court of Appeals must hear all death penalty cases?

Yes, the state supreme courts are compelled to hear all death row appeals; but No, the US Supreme Court is not required to hear capital appeals.Death row appeals are part of the mandatory jurisdiction of State supreme courts, but the US Supreme Court is no longer required to review capital punishment cases. The Judiciary Act of 1925 allowed the US Supreme Court discretion to determine what cases to hear, with a few exceptions. Congress eliminated mandatory jurisdiction over death penalty cases in 1988.

What special cases start trial in the supreme court?

There are two special cases that start trial in the United States Supreme Court. Cases involving foreign officials and cases in which a state is a party originate in the Supreme Court.

Does Texas have a Supreme Court for civil cases and a Supreme Court for criminal cases?

Yes. Texas has two "supreme courts," although only one carries that name. The Supreme Court of Texas is the highest appellate court for civil and juvenile cases, and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is the highest appellate court for criminal cases.

What supreme court case protects a person being arrested?

Numerous Supreme Court cases address the rights of people arrested and charged with crimes.