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Devil's Tower near Sheridan, WY is made mostly of igneous rock. It is an ancient plug from an extinct volcano. It is about 700 feet high.

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Q: What type of rock is Devils tower?
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What state is the Devils tower in?

The Devils Tower is a US National Monument located in the Black Hills of Wyoming. It is just under a mile in height.

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How old is the Devil's Tower monument?

The oldest visible rocks at the Devil's Tower monument are 225 to 195 million years old, from the Triassic period. During the Paleogene period, when the Rocky Mountains and the Black Hills were thrust up from the crust 65 million years ago, magma pushed up into the sedimentary rock layers, an intrusion of igneous material geologists agree created the formation.

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Is Devils Tower igneous?

Devils Tower is an igneous rock structure. The rock of Devils Tower is composed of phonolite porphyry, an intrusive igneous rock.

What rock is in the Devils Tower made out of?

Limstone Berbs

What are some myths or legends of devils tower?

One myth of Devils Tower is that it was formed by a giant bear clawing at the rock, which explains the vertical striations on its walls. Another legend involves seven Sioux girls being chased by bears and praying to the rock to save them, which caused it to rise up to the sky.

What type of rock is the devils postpile?


Where is the Devils Tower Natural History Association in Devils Tower Wyoming located?

The address of the Devils Tower Natural History Association is: Po Box 37, Devils Tower, WY 82714-0037

What is devils tower made of?

Devils Tower is made of igneous rock known as phonolite porphyry, which formed from the solidification of molten magma. This distinctive rock formation is a popular climbing destination in the United States.

In which state is devils tower?

Devils Tower, the national monument, is located in northeastern Wyoming.

How wide is Devils Tower National Monument?

Devils Tower is 1000 feet wide

What first American tribe passed by Devils tower?

what first American tribe passed by Devils tower

What type of rock is devils marbles?

Devils Marbles are a type of rock known as granite. They are large, rounded boulders that have been eroded over time into unique shapes. These granite formations are found in the Northern Territory of Australia.

When was Devils Tower National Monument created?

Devils Tower National Monument was created on 1906-09-24.

What is the name of the rock formations in close encounters of the third kind?

The rock structure is called Devil's tower, composed of frozen basaltic magma once lodged in the throat of a now extinct volcano. This is more specifically called a monolithic igneous intrusion.