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Q: What us president graduated from Harvard university yale university owned a major league baseball team a fighter pilot and a millionaire in the oil business?
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Which president played baseball at yale university?

President George H. W. Bush is the US president that played baseball at Yale University. The position the President played was first base.

What baseball player became the first millionaire by his investments in General Motors and Coca-Cola?

Ty Cobb became the first baseball player to become a millionaire.

What was Derek Jeter's education level?

Derek Jeter graduated Kalamazoo Central High School. He received a baseball scholarship to attend the University of Michigan, but chose to sign with the Yankees instead.

Which president served as the captain of the yale university baseball team during his time as a student-athlete?

George H. W. Bush

Who is the president of baseball?

Colorado Rockies is the president of baseball

What does George Bush Sr enjoy?

The 41st president is a huge baseball fan, and can often be seen at Houston Astros baseball games. Bush was captain and first baseman for Yale University's baseball team in the late 1940s.

When was World University Baseball Championship created?

World University Baseball Championship was created in 2002.

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Justin turner(baseball) jay gibbons(baseball) mark Wagner(baseball) josh childress(basketball)

What pro athletes graduated from Pflugerville High School in Pflugerville Texas?

Two Major League Baseball players, Mario Ramos and Nate Minchey, graduated from Pflugerville High School.

What president was the captain of his college baseball team?

President bush President bush

Who is Vince Piazza?

Vince Piazza is millionaire entrepreneur, and former and future hall of fame baseball catcher, Mike Piazza's father.

Does Syracuse university have a baseball team?

No, but they do have a softball team but no baseball team.