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George Bush Sn. was one . When he visited Finland "he" was photographed sitting in car, while he actually was in other car.

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Q: What us president had a body double?
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The vice president is the president of what legislative body?

The US Senate

What is the body of electors who formally elect the US president and vice president?


What body has the power to impeach a US president?

The Senate

What is the congressional body that tries to impeach a US President?


Who limits the president's term?

The US Constitution, assuming you're talking about the US President. If you're talking about some other president, presumably the constitution of that body would do so.

How many times did US President Lincoln have the body of his son Willie exhumed?

President Lincoln had the body of his son Willie exhumed two times.

What special body elects the US president and vice president?

The U.S. President and Vice President are elected by the special body called the Electoral College. Each state has electors that are appointed. In total, there are 538 electors.

Did president Jackson make the US more than double in size?

Arkansas and Michigan were added to the United States during Jackson's administration. There were not sufficient to double the size of the US.

Does any body know you have to be born in the US to run for US President?

It is part of the constitution of America that to be able to be President of the United States you must be born here. This is has been a large topic of conversation with the current President of the US.

What coin shows the president who led the us through the civil war?

Hint - it's the smallest-denomination coin and is named for that president. Then double-check your history book.

Which institution is a special body of delegates whose job is to select the president of the US?

Electoral CollegeElectoral College

The Vice President of the US is the chief officer of what body?

The vice president is the president of the U.S. Senate.In the US, the Vice President is the President of the Senate. In the US Constitution, the Vice President is the next in line of succession to the Presidency in case the President should be removed from office. Otherwise, the Vice President's only constitutionally prescribed role in government is to be the President of the Senate. In that capacity, he has the authority to preside over the Senate while in session, but may not vote in the Senate except to break a tie vote.