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president William Jefferson Clinton

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Bill Clinton had these pets ,

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Q: What us president has a dog named buddy and a cat named socks?
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Did Edith piaf have a pet?

yes she did. she had a cat named nothing. ahahahaha

What president had an unusual pet?

PresidentAnimalsGeorge WashingtonPolly the parrot; 36 hounds; horsesJohn AdamshorsesThomas Jeffersona mockingbird; two bear cubs, a gift from Lewis and ClarkJames MadisonMacaw the parrot; sheepJames Monroea spanielJohn Quincy Adamsan alligator; silkwormsAndrew Jacksonhorses named Truxton, Sam Patches, Emily, Lady Nashville, and Bolivia; Pol the parrot; poniesMartin Van Burentwo tiger cubsWilliam Henry Harrisona goat; a cowJohn TylerLe Beau, a greyhound; a horse named The GeneralJames Knox Polka horseZachary TaylorOld Whitey the horseMillard Fillmoreno petsFranklin Pierceno petsJames BuchananLara, a Newfoundland; an eagle; an elephantAbraham LincolnJack the turkey; goats named Nanny and Nanko; ponies; cats; dogs; pigs; a white rabbitAndrew Johnsonwhite miceUlysses S. GrantFaithful, a Newfoundland; horses named Jeff Davis, Julia, Jennie, Mary, Butcher Boy, Cincinnatus, Egypt, and St. Louis; ponies named Reb and Billy Button; pigs; dogs; a parrot; roostersRutherford B. HayesSiam, a Siamese cat; Grim, a greyhound; Duke, an English mastiff; Hector, a Newfoundland; Dot, a terrier; canaries; cows; horses; goats; other dogsJames GarfieldKit the horse; Veto the dog; fishChester Alan Arthurno petsGrover Clevelanda poodle; canaries and mockingbirdsBenjamin HarrisonDash the dog; Whiskers the goat; dogs; an opossumWilliam McKinleya parrot; an Angora cat and her kittensTheodore RooseveltSailor Boy, a Chesapeake Bay retriever; Manchu, a Pekingese; Skip, a mutt; terriers named Jack and Pete; cats named Tom Quartz and Slippers; Josiah the badger; Algonquin the pony; Eli the macaw; Jonathan the piebald rat; Emily Spinach, a garter snake; twelve horses; five bears; five guinea pigs; other snakes; two kangaroo rats; lizards; roosters; an owl; a flying squirrel; a raccoon; a coyote; a lion; a hyena; a zebraWilliam TaftPauline Wayne the cowWoodrow WilsonOld Ike the ram; sheep; chickens; catsWarren HardingLaddie Boy, an Airedale; Old Boy, a bulldog; canariesCalvin CoolidgePeter Pan, a terrier; Paul Pry (née Laddie Buck), an Airedale; Calamity Jane, a sheepdog; Boston Beans, a bulldog; King Cole, a shepherd; Palo Alto, a birder; collies named Rob Roy (née Oshkosh), Prudence Prim, Ruby Rough, and Bessie; chows named Blackberry and Tiny Tim; canaries named Nip, Tuck, and Snowflake; cats named Bounder, Tiger, and Blacky; raccoons named Rebecca and Horace; Ebeneezer, a donkey; Smokey, a bobcat; Old Bill, a thrush; Enoch, a goose; a mockingbird; a bear; an antelope; a wallaby; a pygmy hippo; some lion cubsHerbert HooverGlen, a collie; Yukon, a malamute; Patrick, an Irish wolfhound; Eaglehurst Gillette, a setter; Weejie, an elkhound; fox terriers named Big Ben and Sonnie; shepherds named King Tut and Pat; an opossumFranklin Delano RooseveltFala, a Scottish terrier; Meggie, a Scottish terrier; Major, a German shepherd; Winks, a Llewellyn setter; Tiny, an English sheepdog; President, a Great Dane; Blaze, a mastiffHarry S TrumanFeller "the unwanted dog" (adopted by Truman's personal physician); Mike, an Irish setter (belonged to Margaret Truman)Dwight D. EisenhowerHeidi, a WeimaranerJohn F. KennedyTom Kitten the cat; Robin the canary; Zsa Zsa the rabbit; Sardar the horse; ponies named Macaroni, Tex, and Leprechaun; parakeets named Bluebell and Marybelle; hamsters named Debbie and Billie; Charlie, a Welsh terrier, plus dogs named Pushinka, Shannon, Wolf, and Clipper, plus Pushinka and Charlie's pups: Blackie, Butterfly, Streaker, and White TipsLyndon JohnsonHim and Her, beagles; Freckles, a beagle (Him's pup); Blanco, a collie; Edgar, a mutt (née J. Edgar); Yuki, a mutt; hamsters and lovebirdsRichard NixonCheckers, a cocker spaniel; Vicky, a poodle; Pasha, a terrier; King Timahoe, an Irish setter; fishGerald FordLiberty, a Golden retriever; Chan, a Siamese CatJimmy CarterGrits the dog; Misty Malarky Ying Yang, a Siamese catRonald ReaganRex, a King Charles spaniel; Lucky, a Bouvier des Flandres sheepdogGeorge H. W. BushMillie, a Springer spaniel; Ranger, one of Millie's pupsBill ClintonSocks the cat; Buddy, a chocolate Labrador retrieverGeorge W. BushSpot, a Springer spaniel, born in the White House in 1989 to George H. W. Bush's Millie (died Feb. 21, 2004); Barney, a Scottish terrier; India ("Willie") the cat. The Bushes' orange-striped polydactyl cat Ernie was judged too wild for White House life and now lives with a family in California. In 2004, the President gave his wife Laura a Scottish terrier puppy named Miss Beazley for the First Lady's birthday.

People in the 1700s and 1800s often wrote journals and letters. (The letter George Washington wrote after he became president is just one example.) Why do you think that is true?

djfsfwnshsFw the cat ran dwn the streets

Was the cat killed when the Frank family was found from hiding all those years?

No, the cat was not killed. The Frank family actually left a note for the neighbors that basically asked them to take care of the cat. To Otto's suprise, when he visited the house after liberation, the cat was well taken care of.

What are some quotes from the European explorer who first sighted the ruins of meroe?

his name was nyan cat and he said "a cat"

Related questions

What was the name of the dog President Clinton had at the White House?

The Clinton's had a cat named Socks when they lived a the White House. They later acquired a Labrador Retriever named Buddy.

What is president Obama's pet Socks?

Actually, you are thinking of President Clinton. He had a pet cat named Socks. President Obama has a pet dog named Bo.

Who was the only president in the white house to have a cat?

Bill clintin had cat named socks

What kind of dog did president Bill Clinton have and what was the dog's name?

President George W. Bush has a Scottish terrier named Barney.

Which president was a former governer of Arkansas and had a cat named socks?


When did President Lincoln and his family adopt their cat Socks?

It was never recorded that President Lincoln had a cat named 'Socks.' He had two primary pet cats named 'Tabby' and 'Dixie,' which were given to him by Secretary of State William Seward. He also had a number of strays that he cared for. President William Clinton had a cat named 'Socks.' Socks joined the Clinton family during Bill's governship by 'jumping into the arms' of daughter Chelsea as she was leaving her piano teacher's house in 1991.

Did Bill Clinton have a pet in the White House?

Yes, a dog and a cat. Their dog arrived in 1997, a "chocolate Lab" named Buddy. Sadly, Buddy was hit by a car in Chappaqua, NY in 2002, after the Clintons left the White House. Their cat was a black-and-white named Socks, who had been their pet in Arkansas. When the Clintons left the Wfite House in 2001, Socks moved in with their secretary, Betty Currie, who stayed in Washington. Socks died February 21, 2009, at the age of 19.

What did President Clinton and his family adopt their cat Socks?

Because they wanted cat socks :)

Who owns the famous cat Socks?

Among Presidents, Bill Clinton had a cat named Socks.

What pets did Bill Clinton have while in office?

Hillary Clinton has a Labrador Retriever named Seamus.

What type of animal was socks the president dog?

Socks was a cat not a dog and belonged the Clinton.

What year did clition adopt a cat?

The Clinton's cat, Socks, was adopted in 1991. After Clinton left office, he was adopted by Clinton's former secretary because Socks did not get along with Clinton's dog, Buddy.