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The pilgrims used wagons.

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they used wagons and horses

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Q: What vehicles did pilgrims use?
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How can you use pilgrims in a sentence?

The Pilgrims sailed to America aboard the Mayflower in 1620.

Would you please use 'Pilgrims' in a sentence?

The Pilgrims arrived in Plymouth in 1620 seeking religious freedom.

What did the pilgrims use to eat with?


How did the pilgrims use horses?


What weapons did the pilgrims use?


What ship did the pilgrims use?

The Mayflower.

For whom was the Mayflower Compact written?

it was written by the pilgrims for the pilgrims for their own use. This was their constitution/laws.

What machines did the pilgrims use?

they needed to use them to fix the Mayflower

Can you use vehicles in killzone?

The only time you can use vehicles is during the campaign mode in a couple of levels. You can not use vehicles in online play.

Did the pilgrims use the cornucopia first?

No. I am afraid the pilgrims did not even have one. A cornucopia was a Greek symbol of plenty.

What boat did pilgrims use in 1800s?

the answer is the mayflower

Did pilgrims use powder horns?