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Independents, swing voters

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Q: What voters are considered weak party voters?
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When was Non-Voters Party created?

Non-Voters Party was created in 1878.

What are voters who do not declare a party called?

Floating voters, independent voters.

How many registered voters in Alaska?

According to a survey done in 2010, there are a total of 489,960 registered voters in the state of Alaska. This includes nine groups of voters, The Alaskan Independence Party, the Alaskan Democratic Party, the Alaskan Libertarian Party, the Alaskan Republican Party, the Green Party of Alaska, the Republican Moderate Party, Inc., the Veteran's Party of Alaska, Nonpartisan voters and Undeclared voters.

Who are the conservative voters?

The Republican Party of America is often refered to the Conservative Party and Republicans refered to as "Conservative Voters"

What kind of voters are voters that are not registered members of any political party?


When was Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada created?

Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada was created in 2005.

What is a semi-closed primary?

A semi-closed primary is a type of primary election where only registered party members and unaffiliated voters are allowed to participate. This means that voters who are registered with a different political party are not allowed to vote in the primary, but unaffiliated voters are given the option to choose which party's primary they want to participate in.

Is Spain socialistic country?

NO. Spain isn't as socialist as Cuba or Venezuela. We're in the centre. In good economic times we prefer the socialist party but in bad economic times we prefer the conservative Popular Party. The Popular party´s voters are conservatives and liberal ( 9,5 millions voters) and the socialist party has centre-left voters (7,5 millions voters). The party that wins the centre voters that are nearly 2 millions voters decided the elections. Furthermore, Socialists needs the socialist-comunist voters (1,8 millions voters) to win Popular Party. Conclusion, conservatives 9'5 millions, Socialist( 7,5 + 1,8 millions). So the CENTRE decide.

What is an open primary election?

a primary election in which voters are not required to declare party affiliation

Which party used political machines to attract voters?

The Democratic Party

What is a semi close primary?

A semi-closed primary is one in which party-affiliated voters cast votes in their party's primary, and non-affiliated voters can choose which party's primary to vote in.

When is a theory considered weak?

When is a theory considered weak?