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He did not defeat him in any wars, but Howe did defeat Washington in the following battles:



-Fort Washington

-Long Island

and others

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Q: What wars did William Howe defeat George Washington?
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Who did General William Howe defeat in 1776?

In 1776, General William Howe defeated George Washington.

Who in 1776 did General William Howe defeat at New York?

Sir William Howe.

Who are the generals in the battle of Germantown?

George Washington and Sir William Howe

Who In 1776 general Williams howe defeated?

In 1776, General William Howe defeated George Washington.

Who was the leader of the Germantown war?

The American leader was George Washington, British was William Howe.

What british captain surrendered his army of 1800 men to George Washington?

General William Howe

Who did Howe defeat in 1776?

General Washington in New York

Where did Howe defeat George Washington in 1776?

The British troops under General William Howe (and his brother, Admiral Howe) attacked the Continental Army in New York, winning the Battle of Long Island on August 27, 1776. The Americans were forced to retreat through New York and New Jersey until they reached western Pennsylvania at the beginning of winter.

What were Howe's two goals for his invasion of Pennsylvania?

Howe's goals were to capture George Washington and Pennsylvania. He occupied Philadelphia for a while but he never captured George Washington.

What revolutionary war words start with w?

· Washington, George · weapons · White Plains, battle of · William Alexander - major general in the American army · William Howe - Commander-in-Chief of British forces in North America · William Wildman Shute Barrington - British Secretary of War

Was William Howe British?

General Washington in New York

In 1776 Howe defeated George Washington in New York?