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The Article of Confederation was America's first national constitution and some of it's weaknesses were: Congress could not impose taxes, Congress could not regulate trade, 9 of 13 states needed to agree to pass law, All states had to agree to amend the article, No executive branch to enforce laws passed by Congress, and No judicial branch to interpret laws passed by congress.

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One of the major weaknesses of the first constitution, the Articles of Confederation, was it had no Bill of Rights. That was corrected. Another problem was the way the presidential election was supposed to be handled. It called for the candidate who won to become the president and the candidate who came in second to become the vice president. Many felt this idea was unworkable.

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Q: What was America's first national constitution and what were some fo its weaknesses?
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What is the name of Americas first writer constitution?

thomas jefferson

What was americas first constution called?

The Articles of Confederation was the first form of the Constitution. However, it was very weak and ineffective. The states had more rights than the National Government.

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What was America's first national constitution?

Bill of rights

What are the Articles of Confedaration?

it established the first national government of the united states. Its also like the Constitution, but it was the first "Constitution" made. It is in the Constitution. It was made during the civil war to be the first rules.

The main problem with our nation's first constitution was?

The nation's first Constitution was the Articles of Confederation, which lead to a weak central government. The government did not have the power to tax, coin money, and lacked a standing army, among other weaknesses.

What was our nation's first national government?

Articles of Confederation. Until 1789 when the Constitution was ratified.

The first written constitution in europe?

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What provided the framework for establishment of a national government?

In the US, the Articles of Confederation provided the first framework for a national government.