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An ideology that celebrated small-scale producers, men and women who owned their own shops (or farms), and defined the ideal republican society as one constituted by, and dedicated to the welfare of, independent workers and citizens.

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Q: What was Artisan Republicanism?
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Use republicanism in a sentence?

Republicanism is, essentially, the act of being a republican. An example sentence would be: His republicanism was very apparent to everyone that knew him.

What was the paradox of republicanism?

Republicanism is a paradox because the belief is for individual liberties and freedoms. However, the rules and standards of republicanism is often inflexible.

What are skilled craftsperson called?

Craftman are what workers trained in a specific craft are called.

What should be the major purpose of government according to classical republicanism?

According to the view of classical republicanism, the primary purpose of government is to promote the common good. Classical republicanism dates back to the Renaissance.

What is Revolutionary Republicanism?

Revolutionary Republicanism generally refers to a form of republicanism that the colonists favored during the period nearing and throughout the Revolutionary War. Its main ideals were popular sovereignty, rule by law, and legislation by elected representatives. It also borrowed ideas from Whig and Enlightenment thinkers. However today, Republicanism can refer to different things in different places. In the US, Republicanism means conservative; in the UK, Republicanism can mean those who advocate removal of the Queen as head of state and replacement with an elected figurehead President OR extreme Irish nationalism. In Australia, Republicanism is associated with moderate nationalism and removal of the Queen as head of state.

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