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checks and balances

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Q: What was Devised by the framers of the Constitution to prevent the majority from ruling with an iron fist?
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What was the purpose of the Framers including a system of checks and balances in the constitution?

to prevent autocracy and majority tyranny

Why did the framers of the constitution not include the direct election of the president?

They instead used an electoral college to prevent a majority mob rule

What did the framers of the constitution do to prevent religious conflict?

They supported freedom of religion

What limit did the framers of the constitution place specifically on the department of defense?

The framers of the constitution did not explicitly place a limit on the Department of Defense, as it did not exist in its current form during their time. However, they did establish checks and balances within the government to prevent the concentration of power, which indirectly applies to all branches, including the Department of Defense. Additionally, the constitution outlines the power of Congress to declare war and appropriate funds for defense, giving some control over the department.

What did the framers mean to accomplish by the indirect election of the president?

The framers of the Constitution intended to establish a balance of power and prevent the majority from directly electing the president. They aimed to give greater influence to smaller states and ensure that the president would have broad support across the country. Additionally, indirect election was seen as a protection against direct democracy and potential manipulation by the masses.

Why did the framers of the constitution create three branches of government?

The three-branch system established a strong central government without giving too much power to any one group.

What did the constitution set up?

The framers of the United States Constitution set up a system of checks and balances among the three parts of government. These were the legislative, executive and judicial branches. In this way, they hoped to prevent any of the three from having too much power.

The DASH diet plan was devised to prevent?

Chronic kidney disease

What is the job of the majority floor leader?

prevent filibusters

Why did the authors of the constitution intentionally make the addition of amendments dependent on the support of a majority of the American republic?

The authors of the Constitution wanted to ensure that amending the document was a deliberate and thoughtful process that required broad consensus among the states to prevent hasty or ill-considered changes. Requiring the support of a majority of states also helped to promote stability and prevent radical shifts in the country's fundamental laws.

Why did the framers choose federalist system of government?

to prevent the abuse of power by any level of government

The framers created the federal system in order?

In order to PREVENT tyranny by dividing the powers of government.