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He doubted his abilities and feared the people would think he wanted to be a king. He said he felt like "a culprit who is going in place of his execution."

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he was very happy

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Q: What was George Washington's attitude as president?
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What was president George Washingtons height?

6'2 and a half

What is a short biography of George Washingtons life?

He was our first president.

Who was George Washingtons competitor in becoming president?

well its Stephen Douglas

What was Washington responsibility as president?

george washingtons responsibilitie is to run the state.

What is George Washingtons's real name?

The former US President's real name was George Washington.

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Which president revived George Washingtons traditional state of the union speech?


How did George Washington know how to be a president?

He didn't. That is why we had such good presidents in the future because they learned from George Washingtons mistakes.

Which was the first vice president?

john Adams was the first vice president in 1789

What was the name of the Pennsylvania uprising that tested George Washingtons power as president?

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The former US President's real name was George Washington.

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This group is called the president's cabinet.