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Q: What was George Washington doing on July 4 1776?
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Was George Washington the president when the declaration of independence was signed?

The office of President of the US did not exist on July 4, 1776

Was the president of US involved in the Declaration of Independence?

Yes of course he was. At the time, George Washington was the president and he signed the Declartion of Independence on July 4th 1776. This is the reason we have the 4th of July.

Who was president for the first Fourth of July parade?

There wasn't a President yet, we declared our Independence from King George and England on July Fourth, 1776. George Washington was the first President serving from April 30, 1789 - March 4, 1797.

Who was the king of Great Britain in July 4 1776?

King George the III.

When was George Washington Carvers birthday?


How do you describe Fourth of July?

Independence Day was When A group of English men Such as George Washington, Ben Franklin, ect. in 1776 Signed a Document that declared independence from England, or When the Revoulutionary War Begun.

The us is about how old?

Began July 4, 1776.Began July 4, 1776.Began July 4, 1776.Began July 4, 1776.Began July 4, 1776.Began July 4, 1776.

What major events accured in the year 1776?

Revolutionary War started Declaration of Independence was signed July 4, 1776 General Howe left Boston March 1776 and returned to NYC in July 1776 Aug 1776 Howe lands with 20,000 soldiers on Long Island Christmas night 1776 Washington crosses the Delaware

On what date was the declaration of independece signed?

By The Continental Congress On July 4, 1776.

What day was the declaration of independence adopted on congress?

Declaration of Independence was adopted by Congress at July 4, 1776

What year did American colonists declare independence?

The colonies declared independence in July, 1776. The Declaration was completed on July 2. It was approved on July 4 and made public on July 8. By the first week of August, King George III had received a copy and exhibited fits of rage. The Revolutionary War was, of course, already underway at this time.

When did George Washington Parke Custis die?

George Washington Parke Custis died in 1857.