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George Washington's nickname is "Father of His Country", because of his instrumental roles as a colonial delegate, soldier, and statesman during the formative years of the United States of America. He was the also the first President of the US, in 1789.

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The doo - doo head of his country.

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Q: What was George Washington nick name?
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What is George Washington's nick name?

his nik name was father of his country

What is George Washington's birth name?

George Washington's birth name was George Washington.

What is Washington nickname?

George Washington's nickname was the Father of the United States.

What is George Washingtons's birth name?

George Washington's birth name was George Washington.

How did Washington get its name?

It's got its name from George Washington. from the first president of the united states,George Washington

What was George Washington's full name?

well this question has caused many debates over time. Some say george but there are some that say that his first name is alfonso. i personally believe that his name is alfonso but that is just my opinion. i have done a lot of research on alfonso in the past but everywhere i have looked it has sadi that his name is george. no is it just me or are those people just plain stupid?

What was George Washington's dads name?

George Washington's father's name was Augustine Washington.Augustine Washington was the name of George Washington's father.

What is George Washington's full name?

George Washington.

Why was the Washington monument dedicated to George Washington?

because his name was george washington...

Where does the George Washington bridge gets its name?

George Washington

What is George Washington's surname?

Surname means last name. George Washington's last name, or surname, was Washington.

What is george Washingtons mom?

Mary Ball Washington is George Washington's mom's name.