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Hoover believed that the federal government could not give direct aid to individuals. He believed in free market capitalism and did not think the constitution gave the federal government the power to set prices.

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Q: What was Hoover's philosophy of government?
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What were the negative outcomes of Herbert Hoovers philosophy on government?

Herbert Hoover lost his bid for a second term in part because of his philosophy of government,

What effect did herbert hoovers philosophy of government have on the federal response to the economic crisis?

His belief that the federal government could not give direct aid to individuals left millions without help.

What statements best describes Herbert Hoovers political philosophy?

Growing old in your childhood home

How were hoovers and Roosevelt's view about the federal government different?

Roosevelts view was more about like face, Hoovers was like face also.

Why might have people joined the communist party during hoovers?

the government was not helping individuals, and the communist party offered help.

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No. Hoovers are a recent invention. They were invented in the in the 20th century.

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What statement best describes Herbert hoovers first response to the nation's economic crisis?

the government should allow the depression to progress naturally

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What was true about president hoovers political platform in 1932 presidential election?

President Hoover called for a minimal government role in changing the economy.

What was hoovers initial attitude toward government relief?

it was the responsibility of the federal government to provide economic security for U.S. citizens