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His Accidency, The President Without a Party, and Traitor Tyler were all given to John Tyler while he was president. His Accidency because he became president by "accident". The President without a Party because his party, the Whigs, disowned him midway through his first year in office. He turned acainst his friends and long time allys causing all his cabinet members to resign. This prompted Traitor Tyler.

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* His Accidency - He was the first V.P. to succeed to the presidency by the accident of his predecessor dying. * The President without a Party - Soon after he took office, he so alienated his Whig Party that they disowned him, refused to work with him, his (Whig) Cabinet resigned, and started a riot on the White House lawn. * Traitor Tyler - He was elected as a Whig vice president: but when William Henry Harrison died, it soon became clear that Tyler had no sympathy with that party's policies.

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Q: What was John Tyler's nickname?
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