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Kids In my class like LEGO Ninjago

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Malili or something like that

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Q: What was Parvana's nickname in the breadwinner?
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What is the climax in the book breadwinner?

its when parvanas sister goes to get merrid when father finds out that they are in trouble by homa

Is maryam from the breadwinner a boy?

no maryam is parvanas younger sister

What happend to parvanas oldest brother breadwinner?

Parvana's oldest brother, known as "the breadwinner," was taken away by the Taliban for breaking their rules. He was arrested and imprisoned for selling goods in the marketplace, which was forbidden for women under Taliban rule.

Why does parvanas father call her malali in the breadwinner?

In "The Breadwinner," Parvana's father calls her Malali as a term of endearment. Malali means "brave" or "courageous" in Dari, the language spoken in Afghanistan. By calling her Malali, he is emphasizing her strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

What is the resolution to the book The Breadwinner?

the resolution is that parvana and her father is going to Mazar to find their family because they heard that Talibans are taking over Mazar too and Mazar is the place where Nooria(parvanas older sister) having her wedding

What was the aouthers name for parvanas journey?

Debrah ellis

Why do the soldiers arrest's parvanas father?

Nobody knows

What is Tagalog of breadwinner?

The Tagalog term for breadwinner is "tagapagtaguyod ng pamilya."

When was The Cruise of the Breadwinner created?

The Cruise of the Breadwinner was created in 1946.

How old is parvanas father?

Parvana's father is in his late 40s.

What has happened to the family order the breadwinner?

What is shauzias life like in the breadwinner

Who is the antagonist in The Breadwinner?

The antagonist in the Breadwinner is the Taliban who were going against the Afganistan's.